Sunday, June 13, 2010

He Who Finds a Wife...

Proverbs 18:22 (New International Version)

22 He who finds a wife finds what is good and receives favor from the LORD.

I met a remarkable woman the other day at work. She was in her late 60's or so and she was telling me about her husband. He was terminally ill and had to be taken care of day and night. She and her sons took turns watching over him, bathing him, feeding him, and changing his clothing. He had not been able to do anything for himself for the past year because he had a stroke. So his family was taking care of him. He also had diabetes, high blood pressure, and Alzheimer's disease. When I commented on how much of a blessing she was to him, she simple stated that he had taken care of her and the children for over 40 years and it was her pleasure to take care of him now. She told me that he had always been an excellent husband and father and that he had done everything that he was supposed to do as the head of the house. She even told me that other people had advised her to put him in a nursing home but she didn't mind doing everything for him. She said the key to her not minding taking care of him now is because he had been such a good husband. "You have to be a good husband first," she said as she shook her finger at me. She told me that she would have put him in the nursing home immediately if he had not been a good husband. She was a good wife.

My conversation with her made me think about another couple in my church back in Louisiana.  I never knew them personally, but I never forgot them either.  You see, the husband was confined to a wheelchair and the wife would bring him to church every week.  They were always dressed immaculately too.  He would be wearing a suit, and she would have on a nice dress with heels and stockings.  She would drive him and their two children in the specialized van with the ramp for his wheelchair.  She would park the vehicle, lower him down, and wheel him into the building.  Then she would sit in a folding chair next to him during church.  I imagine that she did a lion's share of the work around the house which obviously included taking care of him and the kids.  But they always looked pleasant whenever I saw them.  She was a good wife.

These two ladies remind me of my wife and the way that she takes care of me.  I told you about the time that I was in the hospital (Week in the Hospital IWeek in the Hospital II).  Well, my wife would come up to visit me, take care of our son, and keep me updated on what was going on at the house.  Even though I was only in the hospital for six days, it seemed like years.  But after that moment of sickness, I knew without a shadow of doubt that my wife had my back no matter what.  It made me trust her more.  And it made me want to do even more for her and my son on a daily basis.  She is a good wife.

So what's the point?  Men should make sure that they pick the right women when they look to get married.  Then they should make sure that they do their jobs correctly as husbands.  Take care of your wives at all times and they will take care of you at all times.  The return on investment is more than you could ever imagine.

Peace and Love,

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