Saturday, June 19, 2010

Father's Day Shout Out

This is just a thank you to all the men that have made an influence in my life.  Some of them taught me what to do.  Some of them taught me what not to do.  But all of them have been a blessing in my life in one way or another.  Here they are in no particular order:

James Thompson Sr., James Thompson Jr., Larry Coppage, Floyd Stinson, Henry Barber, Wilbert Ellis, Mr. McDougal, Clarence Hicks Sr., Harold Clay Sr. , Anthony(Top) Dowell, O.D. Thurman, Mr. Pervis Carter, Otis Mitchell, Kenneth Allen, Larry Anderson Sr.,  Roy Mayfield, Felix Goins Sr. and Jr., Joseph Goins, Robert Lee Goins, Alvin Bradley, Jerry Bawldwin, Leon Martin, A.J. Green, Charles T. Lewis, Joe Henderson, Kevin Harris, Clarence Thompson, Charles Martin, Benjamin Martin, James Keown, James Miller, Clyde McCray, Reginald Wade, Clyde Parker, Willie Culpepper Sr., Al Thurmon Sr., and others.

Time has taken away some of the names from my memory, but I will continue to add names as I remember.  Take time out to think about the men that helped to shape you.  You will be blessed by the experience. 

Peace and Love,

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